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Peace Travelers

Photos from our end of year show at Elmers













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We are still working on base ten and base 1 with our grids. (They will be sent home with them.) Today we had our last visit to Ruth’s home. The friends refer to her as “our Ruth,” and indeed, she has become part of our learning community. To say farewell and thank you to her, we made her a crown with butterflies and a mobile with our words on it. The friends said the following when asked the question,


“In what ways are we thankful for Ruth?”:


“Her home is cozy and warm.”

“She’s friendly and she doesn’t bite.” (Something Ruth said the first day she received hugs from friends!)

“She likes us and she loves us, too. I like to see her in Ashfield at the Farmer’s Market.”

“She listens to us with patience.”

“She always nice to us, she loves us, and I like to see her beautiful things.”


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We finished Little Bo in France and have moved on to Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. We are using our number charts to add ten to any number to 90 and to add 1 to 9 to any number. We are exploring patterns in numbers in one, tens, and hundreds columns. 


We have been hiking in the afternoons to ready ourselves for our hike to our Inca Fairy House and our visit with Marcelle.


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Today we built a fairy house with the materials we had collected before the snow, back in October, November, and December. First we climbed to a special place high on the ridge, pretending we were climbing at high altitudes in the Andes. Each friend carried a bag of construction materials or collected objects for our Incan fairy house. 


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Today we put our base ten knowledge into practice with money. Friends have been working in pairs counting various amounts of money, and then comparing amounts to other pairs of friends, practicing “more than” and “less than.”

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