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Today we hiked into the “Andes” along the ridge to Marcelle’s house. We are getting ready for our annual hike. It takes an adult about 25 minutes to hike that distance (not quite 2miles), but it is quite the adventure for a peace traveler!


Today we’ve been exploring beginning readers and BOB books. Many of the friends are becoming fluent readers, and some are just beginning. Most of the time, friends work in pairs sounding out and reading and to each other.  



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Singing and signing preparation continues for our Peace Travelers Sing Along. Finish up passport projects for Kenya.


Continuing with our travels in Peru we read The Llama’s Secret: A Peruvian Legend by Argentina Palacios.



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Today we prepared our songs for the “Peace Travelers Sing Along and Art Exhibit” We will be bringing our passports and taking families and friends on a tour of our world travels through our art projects and songs. 


Base 10 continues with our grids and addition—moving down columns to count by 10s and across in counting by ones. 


We have begun our study of Peru with a book called This Place is High by Vicki Cobb.




It discusses the adaptions made by people who have lived high for generations. The book also discusses the animals (guniea pigs, chinchillas, and llamas) and foods (quinoa, chuno, and charqui) important to the survival of the Peruvian (and Bolivian) people. The book also discusses the 96 year reign of the Incan people.

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“The Peace Travelers”



Photo Credit Kate O’Shea


from Mountain View Educational Collaborative



Sat May 3oth 6:00pm

“Donations Welcome”


at  Elmer’s Store 

396 Main Street 

Ashfield, MA 01330

The concert will feature Multi Cultural Peace Oriented Songs, ASL, Poems, Puppets  and Around-the-World Art Work

Peace Travelers is a twice-weekly home school program that highlights multicultural studies, geography, and social skill development through “travel” around the world. Children, ages 4-9, receive a passport and explore a country and cultures through festivals, storytelling, food, crafts, housing, and transportation. Reading, writing, and mathematics are integrated throughout the curriculum.


For more info 413.369.4700


Ashfield is at the corner of Routes 112 and 116, up the mountain from Greenfield. 

From Greenfield take Route 2 west out towards Shelburne Falls. Just past SF, take 112 all the way up the mountain until you get to 116. Then turn left. 

From Northampton, take Route 9 until you get to 112. Then take 112 to 116. 

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Today we had a Base 10 treasure hunt. Friends roamed the grounds with a treasure map, looking for ziplock bags that contained small blocks that represented ones, tens, and hundreds. They had to circle the number they found, and draw a small picture of where they found it. Again, they worked in pairs and cooperatively. The pairs helped each other find bags by giving hints and checking in with each other. All the friends had fun scavenging for big numbers!


We practiced reading words, and using finger spelling to make rhyming words with the beginner BOB books. 

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Base 10 math continues. We are currently adding ten to any number on the number grid. We are using our placemats and manipulatives to understand the relationship of numbers that are ten units from each other. (The basic pattern principles are here. One number changes in the tens column; one number remains the same in the ones column.)


Practice counting everything—by 1s, 5s, and tens—in those teachable moments that life provides.



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Base 10 math continues. Friends configured numbers with manipulatives in the 10 to 999 range. They worked in pairs taking turns adding to ones, tens, and hundreds. The more confusing numbers tend to be from 11-19 (because their names don’t follow the grammatical rules of other numbers. For example, 21, 22, 23, etc.,) and numbers that do NOT have a tens value such as 101…., 201…., etc.


Back from last year by popular demand, we have begun Little Bo by Julie Andrews Edwards. Ask your friend about the adventure of this feisty kitty!


We worked together today on our Kenya weaving projects. Each friend watercolored two sheets of paper. One became the placemat that was cut with borders to anchor the strips of paper that were woven through it. The other sheet became was cut into strips. Each friend shared a strip of their watercolor with each of the others. Then, they assisted each other in weaving their placemats. The process and product both symbolize the cooperation, collaboration, and unity on which rural village life in Kenya is based. I told the friends the story of stone soup with a Kenyan twist. We spoke of the similarities of that tale to Mama Panya’s Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya by Mary and Rich Chamberlin (that we read a couple weeks ago).

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